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Way Point MP3s




Traveling through the Old Testament by Chronological Stories


By Dr. Edgar Pierce

(c) 2008-09


lWay Points of the Ancientsl


Some of the audio is not real good quality. Sorry but this is all we have to work with.

Also there is no audio for WPC 11 due to equipment failure. WPC 23 and 37 are now available.

Way Point 1- The Painter of the Sunsets- Story of the Creator and His Creation

Way Point 2- Am I My Brothers Keeper- Story of the Fall and itís Results

Way Point 3- When He is Dead It Will Come- Story of Adamís Children Until Flood

Way Point 4- An Ark, a Flood and a Rainbow- Story of the Flood and the Promise

Way Point 5- The Divided Earth- Story of Noahís Nakedness and Sin that Divided the Earth

Way Point 6- What Was that You Said? Story of the Tower of Babel and Language Division

Way Point 7- How Can You Still Praise God? Story of the Suffering of Job

Way Point 8- Camping Beside the Road- Story of Abraham Sidetracked in Haran


lWay Points of the Patriarchsl


Way Point 9- Half Truths and Whole Lies- Story of Abraham Lying About Sarah

Way Point 10- Be Careful What You Choose- Story of Lotís Choice of Sodom

Way Point 11- NO MP3 AVAILABLE Pursing the Lot- Story of Abrahamís rescue of Lot

Way Point 12- A Son Born out of Godís Timeline- Story of Hagar and Ishmael

Way Point 13- Laughter at a Promise- Story of Sarah and Abrahamís Laughter At Good News

Way Point 14- Looking for Ten Godly Men- Story of Destruction of Sodom

Way Point 15- Whoís That Knocking at My Door- Story of Angelís Visit to Lot in Sodom

Way Point 16- Where is the Lamb- Story of Abrahamís Sacrifice of Isaac

Way Point 17- Not Just Any Girl Will Do- Story of the Bride for Isaac

Way Point 18- A Grabber of a Heel and a Cup of Soup- Story of Esau and Jacob

Way Point 19- A Ladder to Heaven- Story of Jacobís Dream

Way Point 20- A Girl worth Waiting for- Story of Jacob, Rachel and Leah

Way Point 21- Twelve Boys, One Daddy and Four Moms- Story of the Birth of Twelve Sons

Way Point 22- Who Ran off with My Idols- Story of Jacobís Departure from Laban

Way Point 23-Wrestling an Angel and Changing of a Name- Story of Jacob Becoming Israel

Way Point 24- The Dreamer of Dreams- Story of Joseph Being Sold into Egypt

Way Point 25- Caught In a Web of Sin- Story of Judah and Tamar

Way Point 26- Doing What is Right Even if it Looks Wrong- Story of Joseph Fleeing from Sin

Way Point 27- A Rising Political Star- Story of Josephís Rise in Egypt

Way Point 28- Seeing A Ghost at the Family Reunion- Story of Joseph Revealing Himself to Brothers


lWay Points of a Wandering Nationl


Way Point 29- A Boy in a Basket- Story of the Birth of Moses

Way Point 30- A Misunderstood Deliver- Story of Moses Slaying Egyptian

Way Point 31- A Bush on Fire- Story of the Call of Moses

Way Point 32- Let My People Go- Story of Contest between Moses and Pharaoh

Way Point 33- A Cloud of Fire and a Wall of Water- Story of the Crossing of the Red Sea

Way Point 34- The Bread and Water Diet- Story of the Manna and Water from the Rock

Way Point 35- Fire on the Mountain- Story of Moses and the Giving of the Ten Commandments

Way Point 36- Would You Believe the Calf Just Came Out? Story of the Golden Calf

Way Point 37- You Never Know How Good You Have It- Story of Manna Murmuring and Quail Plague

Way Point 38- Ten Spies Too Many- Story of the Twelve Spies

Way Point 39- One Day Too Late- Story of Day after Rejecting Godís Will

Way Point 40- The Earth Swallows the Rebels- Story of Rebellion against Godís Leadership

Way Point 41- A Look for Life- Story of Serpent Lifted Up

Way Point 42- You Should Listen to Your Donkey- Story of Balaam

Way Point 43- The Bigger They Are the Harder They Fall- Story of Og and the Two and a Half Tribes

Way Point 44- Will God still be With Us- Joshua Succeeds Moses

Way Point 45- The Most Important Harlot in History- Story of Rahab

Way Point 46- Going Where Weíve Never Been Before- Story of Crossing of Jordan

Way Point 47- No Choice but to Depend on God- Story of Circumcision of West Side of Jordan

Way Point 48- Tumbling Walls- Story of the Walls of Jericho Falling

Way Point 49- Sin in the Camp- Story of the Defeat at Ai

Way Point 50- Molded Bread and Worn Out Shoes- Story of Deception of the Gibeonites

Way Point 51- The Day God Stopped the Sun- Story of Gibeonís Long Day

Way Point 52- Promises Kept- Story of Israel in the Land and Return of the 2 Ĺ Tribes


lWay Points in the Promised Landl


Way Point 53- A Message at the Point of a Dagger- Story of Ehud and Eglon

Way Point 54- Revenge Cost a Terrible Price- Story of Israelís Civil War

Way Point 55- The Kinsman Redeemer- Story of Ruth and Boaz

Way Point 56- Putting a Hand to the Hammer and Nail- Story of Deborah and Barak

Way Point 57- Hereís Your Sign- Story of Gideonís Fleece

Way Point 58- The Army Afraid of Light- Story of Gideon and Military Victory

Way Point 59- Jumping Off the Cliff of Conclusion- Story of Hannah and Eli

Way Point 60- A Foolish Vow- Story of Jephthah and His Daughter

Way Point 61- A Riddle Fit for Deception- Story of Samson and His First Wife

Way Point 62- Godís Voice in the Night- Story of Call of Samuel

Way Point 63- To Hot to Handle- Story of the Stolen Ark

Way Point 64- A One Sided Love Story- Story of Samson and Delilah

Way Point 65- We Want It Our Way- Story of Saul Becoming King

Way Point 66- Bah! Bah Black Sheep- Story of Saulís Disobedience

Way Point 67- A King in Waiting- Story of the Anointing of David

Way Point 68- A Sling Shot Beats a Sword- Story of David and Goliath

Way Point 69- Knitted Souls- Story of David and Jonathanís Friendship



 These are the projected topics when and if we return to this series:


Way Point 70- Delivered Enemy- Story of David and Saul in Cave

Way Point 71- The King, the Witch and Deception- Story of Saul and Witch of Endor

Way Point 72- Waterloo at Gilboa- Story of Death of Saul and Jonathan

Way Point 73- The King Still Waits- Story of Davidís Incomplete Reign

Way Point 74- The Ark of Blessing- Story of Ark Moving to Jerusalem

Way Point 75- Guess Whoís Coming to Dinner- Story of Mephibosheth

Way Point 76- Wrong Place Wrong Time- Story of David and Bathsheba

Way Point 77- The Great Hope and Promise- Story of Davidís Faith and Childís Death

Way Point 78- The Prodigal That Didnít Get Home - Story of Absalom

Way Point 79- Sin Needs and Altar- Story of Davidís Sin and Threshing Floor

Way Point 80- Can They Steal the Crown- Story of Who Will Be the Next King

Way Point 81- Whatís In Your Heart? Story of Solomon Asking for Wisdom

Way Point 82- Two Halves Donít Make A Whole- Story of Wisdom of Solomon

Way Point 83- Building God a House- Story of Temple Construction

Way Point 84- When God Showed Up- Story of Temple Dedication

Way Point 85- Is It True What I Hear? Story of Visit of Queen of Sheba

Way Point 86- Wine, Women and Sad Song- Story of Wives of Solomon

Way Point 87- Snakebite of Bad Advice- Story of Rehoboamís Bad Decision

Way Point 88- The Altar of No Return- Story of Jeroboam Leading Into Idolatry

Way Point 89- Bowing to Baal- Story of Jezebel

Way Point 90- Rain, Rain Go Away- Story of Elijah Warning to Ahab

Way Point 91- God Didnít Need Rain Anyway- Story of Provision for Elijah

Way Point 92- Send Down the Fire- Story of Contest on Mount Carmel

Way Point 93- I Am the Only One Serving God- Story of Elijah Fleeing Jezebel

Way Point 94- A Chariot of Fire- Story of Elijah Taken Home

Way Point 95- Passing of the Mantle- Story of Elijah and Elisha

Way Point 96- Healing Water, Hungry Bears, Widows Oil- Story of Elishaís Miracles

Way Point 97- A Promised Son and a Broken Heart- Story of Shunammite Woman

Way Point 98- Lilly White in Muddy Water- Story of Naaman

Way Point 99- Iron Fish- Story of the Axe That Swam

Way Point 98- Famine to Feast- Story of Siege of Samaria

Way Point 100- The Line under the Bed- Story of Joash Being Spared

Way Point 101- Life in Dead Bone- Story of Elishaís Death and Entombment

Way Point 102- A Life as an Example- Story of Hosea

Way Point 103- A Whale of a Tale- Story of Jonah

Way Point 104- Beware of Where You Tread- Story of Uzziahís Leprosy

Way Point 105- Calling All to Volunteer- Story of Isaiahís Call

Way Point 106- Fall of a Nation- Story of Israelí Captivity

Way Point 107- Facing the Wall- Story of Hezekiahís Healing

Way Point 108- God Did You Here What They Said? Story of Sennacheribís Letter

Way Point 109- They Woke Up Dead- Story of Assyrian Army Judged

Way Point 110- Hereís the Gold, Come and Get It- Story of Hezekiahís Brag

Way Point 111- Precious Moments- Story of Jeremiahís Call

Way Point 112- Call the Repairman- Story of Josiah Repairs Temple and Restores Word

Way Point 113- When in Rome Do Not Do as the Romans- Story of Danielís Diet

Way Point 114- A Pen Knife and the Sword- Story of Jeremiahís Prophecy

Way Point 115- Rebirth of the Clay- Story of Jeremiah at Potterís House


lWay Points in the Captivityl


Way Point 116- Visions from Babylon- Story of Ezekielís Visions

Way Point 117- From the Temple to the Mountain- Story of Godís Spirit Departing

Way Point 118- Raiders of the Treasures- Story of Temple Treasures Plundered

Way Point 119- Four Men in the Fire- Story of Hebrew Children

Way Point 120- Is That Rattling Bones I Hear- Story of Valley of Dry Bones

Way Point 121- Two Sticks, One Nation- Story of Ezekielís Prophecy

Way Point 122- Cut Down that Tree- Story of Nebuchanezzarís Tree Vision

Way Point 123- Finger Painting on the Wall- Story of Handwriting on the Wall

Way Point 124- When a Week Is a Year- Story of Seventy Week Prophecy

Way Point 125- A Lion for a Pillow- Story of Daniel in Lionís Den


lWay Points Back in the Landl


Way Point 126- An Altar and A Foundation- Story of Altar Rebuilt, Temple Foundation Lain

Way Point 127- When the Truth is on Your Side- Story of Cyrus Decree Discovered

Way Point 128- For Such a Time as This- Story of Esther

Way Point 129- Stand Up Those Walls- Story of Nehemiah

Way Point 130- Return to the Word- Story of Ezra Reading Word