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Way Point Chronicles




Traveling through the Old Testament by Chronological Stories


By Dr. Edgar Pierce

(c) 2008-09


Authors Introduction


Way Point 1-69 (Pages 1-270) Complete Document in one PDF. (Big File)


lWay Points of the Ancientsl


Way Point 1- The Painter of the Sunsets- Story of the Creator and His Creation

Way Point 2- Am I My Brothers Keeper- Story of the Fall and itís Results

Way Point 3- When He is Dead It Will Come- Story of Adamís Children Until Flood

Way Point 4- An Ark, a Flood and a Rainbow- Story of the Flood and the Promise

Way Point 5- The Divided Earth- Story of Noahís Nakedness and Sin that Divided the Earth

Way Point 6- What Was that You Said? Story of the Tower of Babel and Language Division

Way Point 7- How Can You Still Praise God? Story of the Suffering of Job

Way Point 8- Camping Beside the Road- Story of Abraham Sidetracked in Haran


lWay Points of the Patriarchsl


Way Point 9- Half Truths and Whole Lies- Story of Abraham Lying About Sarah

Way Point 10- Be Careful What You Choose- Story of Lotís Choice of Sodom

Way Point 11- Pursing the Lot- Story of Abrahamís rescue of Lot

Way Point 12- A Son Born out of Godís Timeline- Story of Hagar and Ishmael

Way Point 13- Laughter at a Promise- Story of Sarah and Abrahamís Laughter At Good News

Way Point 14- Looking for Ten Godly Men- Story of Destruction of Sodom

Way Point 15- Whoís That Knocking at My Door- Story of Angelís Visit to Lot in Sodom

Way Point 16- Where is the Lamb- Story of Abrahamís Sacrifice of Isaac

Way Point 17- Not Just Any Girl Will Do- Story of the Bride for Isaac

Way Point 18- A Grabber of a Heel and a Cup of Soup- Story of Esau and Jacob

Way Point 19- A Ladder to Heaven- Story of Jacobís Dream

Way Point 20- A Girl worth Waiting for- Story of Jacob, Rachel and Leah

Way Point 21- Twelve Boys, One Daddy and Four Moms- Story of the Birth of Twelve Sons

Way Point 22- Who Ran off with My Idols- Story of Jacobís Departure from Laban

Way Point 23- Wrestling an Angel and Changing of a Name- Story of Jacob Becoming Israel

Way Point 24- The Dreamer of Dreams- Story of Joseph Being Sold into Egypt

Way Point 25- Caught In a Web of Sin- Story of Judah and Tamar

Way Point 26- Doing What is Right Even if it Looks Wrong- Story of Joseph Fleeing from Sin

Way Point 27- A Rising Political Star- Story of Josephís Rise in Egypt

Way Point 28- Seeing A Ghost at the Family Reunion- Story of Joseph Revealing Himself to Brothers


Way Point 1-28 PDF in one file


lWay Points of a Wandering Nationl


Way Point 29- A Boy in a Basket- Story of the Birth of Moses

Way Point 30- A Misunderstood Deliver- Story of Moses Slaying Egyptian

Way Point 31- A Bush on Fire- Story of the Call of Moses

Way Point 32- Let My People Go- Story of Contest between Moses and Pharaoh

Way Point 33- A Cloud of Fire and a Wall of Water- Story of the Crossing of the Red Sea

Way Point 34- The Bread and Water Diet- Story of the Manna and Water from the Rock

Way Point 35- Fire on the Mountain- Story of Moses and the Giving of the Ten Commandments

Way Point 36- Would You Believe the Calf Just Came Out? Story of the Golden Calf

Way Point 37- You Never Know How Good You Have It- Story of Manna Murmuring and Quail Plague

Way Point 38- Ten Spies Too Many- Story of the Twelve Spies

Way Point 39- One Day Too Late- Story of Day after Rejecting Godís Will

Way Point 40- The Earth Swallows the Rebels- Story of Rebellion against Godís Leadership

Way Point 41- A Look for Life- Story of Serpent Lifted Up

Way Point 42- You Should Listen to Your Donkey- Story of Balaam

Way Point 43- The Bigger They Are the Harder They Fall- Story of Og and the Two and a Half Tribes

Way Point 44- Will God still be With Us- Joshua Succeeds Moses

Way Point 45- The Most Important Harlot in History- Story of Rahab

Way Point 46- Going Where Weíve Never Been Before- Story of Crossing of Jordan

Way Point 47- No Choice but to Depend on God- Story of Circumcision of West Side of Jordan

Way Point 48- Tumbling Walls- Story of the Walls of Jericho Falling

Way Point 49- Sin in the Camp- Story of the Defeat at Ai

Way Point 50- Molded Bread and Worn Out Shoes- Story of Deception of the Gibeonites

Way Point 51- The Day God Stopped the Sun- Story of Gibeonís Long Day

Way Point 52- Promises Kept- Story of Israel in the Land and Return of the 2 Ĺ Tribes


lWay Points in the Promised Landl


Way Point 53- A Message at the Point of a Dagger- Story of Ehud and Eglon

Way Point 54- Revenge Cost a Terrible Price- Story of Israelís Civil War

Way Point 55- The Kinsman Redeemer- Story of Ruth and Boaz

Way Point 56- Putting a Hand to the Hammer and Nail- Story of Deborah and Barak

Way Point 57- Hereís Your Sign- Story of Gideonís Fleece

Way Point 58- The Army Afraid of Light- Story of Gideon and Military Victory

Way Point 59- Jumping Off the Cliff of Conclusion- Story of Hannah and Eli

Way Point 60- A Foolish Vow- Story of Jephthah and His Daughter

Way Point 61- A Riddle Fit for Deception- Story of Samson and His First Wife

Way Point 62- Godís Voice in the Night- Story of Call of Samuel

Way Point 63- To Hot to Handle- Story of the Stolen Ark

Way Point 64- A One Sided Love Story- Story of Samson and Delilah

Way Point 65- We Want It Our Way- Story of Saul Becoming King

Way Point 66- Bah! Bah Black Sheep- Story of Saulís Disobedience

Way Point 67- A King in Waiting- Story of the Anointing of David

Way Point 68- A Sling Shot Beats a Sword- Story of David and Goliath

Way Point 69- Knitted Souls- Story of David and Jonathanís Friendship


Way Point 1-69 (Pages 1-270) Complete Document in one PDF. (Big File)



Series Suspended

 These are the projected topics if and when we return to this series:


Way Point 70- Delivered Enemy- Story of David and Saul in Cave

Way Point 71- The King, the Witch and Deception- Story of Saul and Witch of Endor

Way Point 72- Waterloo at Gilboa- Story of Death of Saul and Jonathan

Way Point 73- The King Still Waits- Story of Davidís Incomplete Reign

Way Point 74- The Ark of Blessing- Story of Ark Moving to Jerusalem

Way Point 75- Guess Whoís Coming to Dinner- Story of Mephibosheth

Way Point 76- Wrong Place Wrong Time- Story of David and Bathsheba

Way Point 77- The Great Hope and Promise- Story of Davidís Faith and Childís Death

Way Point 78- The Prodigal That Didnít Get Home - Story of Absalom

Way Point 79- Sin Needs and Altar- Story of Davidís Sin and Threshing Floor

Way Point 80- Can They Steal the Crown- Story of Who Will Be the Next King

Way Point 81- Whatís In Your Heart? Story of Solomon Asking for Wisdom

Way Point 82- Two Halves Donít Make A Whole- Story of Wisdom of Solomon

Way Point 83- Building God a House- Story of Temple Construction

Way Point 84- When God Showed Up- Story of Temple Dedication

Way Point 85- Is It True What I Hear? Story of Visit of Queen of Sheba

Way Point 86- Wine, Women and Sad Song- Story of Wives of Solomon

Way Point 87- Snakebite of Bad Advice- Story of Rehoboamís Bad Decision

Way Point 88- The Altar of No Return- Story of Jeroboam Leading Into Idolatry

Way Point 89- Bowing to Baal- Story of Jezebel

Way Point 90- Rain, Rain Go Away- Story of Elijah Warning to Ahab

Way Point 91- God Didnít Need Rain Anyway- Story of Provision for Elijah

Way Point 92- Send Down the Fire- Story of Contest on Mount Carmel

Way Point 93- I Am the Only One Serving God- Story of Elijah Fleeing Jezebel

Way Point 94- A Chariot of Fire- Story of Elijah Taken Home

Way Point 95- Passing of the Mantle- Story of Elijah and Elisha

Way Point 96- Healing Water, Hungry Bears, Widows Oil- Story of Elishaís Miracles

Way Point 97- A Promised Son and a Broken Heart- Story of Shunammite Woman

Way Point 98- Lilly White in Muddy Water- Story of Naaman

Way Point 99- Iron Fish- Story of the Axe That Swam

Way Point 100- Famine to Feast- Story of Siege of Samaria

Way Point 101- The Line under the Bed- Story of Joash Being Spared

Way Point 102- Life in Dead Bone- Story of Elishaís Death and Entombment

Way Point 103- A Life as an Example- Story of Hosea

Way Point 104- A Whale of a Tale- Story of Jonah

Way Point 105- Beware of Where You Tread- Story of Uzziahís Leprosy

Way Point 106- Calling All to Volunteer- Story of Isaiahís Call

Way Point 107- Fall of a Nation- Story of Israelí Captivity

Way Point 108- Facing the Wall- Story of Hezekiahís Healing

Way Point 109- God Did You Here What They Said? Story of Sennacheribís Letter

Way Point 110- They Woke Up Dead- Story of Assyrian Army Judged

Way Point 111- Hereís the Gold, Come and Get It- Story of Hezekiahís Brag

Way Point 112- Precious Moments- Story of Jeremiahís Call

Way Point 113- Call the Repairman- Story of Josiah Repairs Temple and Restores Word

Way Point 114- When in Rome Do Not Do as the Romans- Story of Danielís Diet

Way Point 115- A Pen Knife and the Sword- Story of Jeremiahís Prophecy

Way Point 116- Rebirth of the Clay- Story of Jeremiah at Potterís House


lWay Points in the Captivityl


Way Point 117- Visions from Babylon- Story of Ezekielís Visions

Way Point 118- From the Temple to the Mountain- Story of Godís Spirit Departing

Way Point 119- Raiders of the Treasures- Story of Temple Treasures Plundered

Way Point 120- Four Men in the Fire- Story of Hebrew Children

Way Point 121- Is That Rattling Bones I Hear- Story of Valley of Dry Bones

Way Point 122- Two Sticks, One Nation- Story of Ezekielís Prophecy

Way Point 123- Cut Down that Tree- Story of Nebuchanezzarís Tree Vision

Way Point 124- Finger Painting on the Wall- Story of Handwriting on the Wall

Way Point 125- When a Week Is a Year- Story of Seventy Week Prophecy

Way Point 126- A Lion for a Pillow- Story of Daniel in Lionís Den


lWay Points Back in the Landl


Way Point 127- An Altar and A Foundation- Story of Altar Rebuilt, Temple Foundation Lain

Way Point 128- When the Truth is on Your Side- Story of Cyrus Decree Discovered

Way Point 129- For Such a Time as This- Story of Esther

Way Point 130- Stand Up Those Walls- Story of Nehemiah

Way Point 131- Return to the Word- Story of Ezra Reading Word