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1 & 2 Peter- “Reminders of Truth”

 1 Peter

I-  Reminders of Truth: 1Pe 1:1; 2 Pet 1:1-2; 2Pe 3:1-2  PDF     SORRY NO MP3 AVAILABLE

II- Remember Our Hope is a Living Hope: 1Pe 1:2-12  PDF    MP3

III- Remember the Basis of Obedience is Christ Sacrifice: 1Pe 1:13-21  PDF    MP3

IV- Remember to Grow in Love by the Word: 1Pe 1:22-25; 1 Pet 2:1-3   PDF    MP3

V- Remember We Are Living Stones and Peculiar People: 1Pe 2:4-10   PDF    MP3

VI- Remember to Submit to Authority: 1Pe 2:11-25; 1Pe 3:1-7   PDF    MP3

VII- Remember to Stand Ready with an Answer: 1Pe 3:8-22   PDF    MP3

VIII- Remember to be Strange: 1Pe 4:1-6   PDF    MP3

IX- Remember to Live Each Day like it is the Last: 1Pe 4:7-11   PDF    MP3

X- Remember to Suffer Gracefully: 1Pe 4:12-19   PDF    MP3

XI- Remember to Feed the Flock: 1Pe 5:1-7   PDF    MP3

XII- Remember to Stay Alert: 1Pe 5:8-14   PDF    MP3

 2 Peter

XIII- Remember to Confirm Your Calling: 2Pe 1:3-14   PDF    MP3

XIV- Remember that Prophecy is Sure: 2Pe 1:15-21   PDF    MP3

XV- Remember to Beware of Deception:2Pe 2:1-14   PDF    MP3  

XVI- Remember What False Prophets Look Like: 2Pe 2:15-21   PDF    MP3

XVII- Remember God is going to Judge the World Again: 2Pe 3:1-13   PDF    MP3

XVIII- Remember to Keep Diligent: 2Pe 3:14-18     PDF   MP3



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