My e-sword modules


I have created modules that work in E-Sword Bible Software. These links below will take you to for download. You need the FREE Bible Software from in order to use these resources. There is a link in this text as well as to the left to go to the FREE software site.


For E-Sword version 8  


 At the Master's Side 8.x

 Calibrating the Compass 8.x

 Christmas Characters 8.x

 Finding Christ is the Shadows 8.x

 Heroes of the Faith 8.x

 Rock Solid- Anchors of the Faith 8.x

 The Origins 8.x



 John "Verifying the Messiah"  8.x

 Exposing the Word v1 8x


For E-Sword version 9


 At the Master's Side 9x

 Calibrating the Compass 9.x

 Christmas Characters 9.x

 Finding Christ in the Shadows 9.x

 Heroes of the Faith 9.x

 Rock Solid- Anchors of the Faith 9.x

 The Origins 9.x 



 Exposing the Word v1 9x

 John "Verifying the Messiah"  9.x  

(c) 2009 Dr. Edgar Pierce