Verifying the Messiah MP3's


1- Testimony of John the Apostle

2- Testimony of John the Baptist 

3- Testimony of Early Disciples

4- Creating Wine from Water

5- Zeal for the Temple

6- Sign for the Jews

7- Verifying to Nicodemus

8- A Well, a Woman and a Witness

9- Official’s Son Healed

10- Healing at Pool

11- Claims and Witnesses that Verify

12- Feeding of the 5000

13- He’s Still Walking on the Water

14- I AM the Bread of Life

15- Debate, Controversy and Division

16- The Test of the Adulterous Woman

17- I Am the Light of the World

18- The Great I Am Debate and Declaration

19- The Healing of the Blind Man

20- The Parable of the Good Shepherd

21- I AM the Door NO MP3 at this time

22- I AM the Good Shepherd 

23- The Security of the Sheep

24- Raising of Lazarus

25- I AM the Resurrection and the Life

26- Prophecy of Caiaphas

27- 1 served, 1 worshipped, 1 Coveted, Some Plotted

28- Presentation as King

29- We Would See Jesus Lifted Up

30- A Light in the World

31- Humble Servant

32- Loves Great Lessons

33- The Revelation of Sin- The Guilty Identified

34- The Mystery of His Departing

35- I AM the Way the Truth the Life

36- The Promise of the Comforter

37- Introduction with prayer to I AM the Vine

37- I AM the Vine

38- The Commandment of Love

39- The Witness of the Spirit

40- Being an Overcomer

41- The Pray of Our High Priest

42- Arrest, Trial and Denial

43- The Cry of Crucify

44- The Crucifixion and Burial

45- Verification on Resurrection Sunday

46- From Doubt to Assurance

47- Restoration of the Fallen

48- Verifying Messiah in our Individual Lives